Enrollment Criteria

RCPI Bible Seminary is open to all those called to ministry, including psalmist/worship leader, intercessor, church leader, office of prophet or other prophetic ministry. RCPI Bible Seminary is open as well to those that just have an interest in the prophetic.

Pastors and other church leaders seeking to see an increased and responsible release of the ministry of Christ in their local congregation and setting are particularly encouraged to participate.

All Candidates are Asked:

* To complete free registration form on the contact page
* To complete application form and pay $75.00
* To be recommended by their local church  
  leadership or other ministry leader outside their

* To complete and return an application form plus
  Leadership and Personal Recommendation form:
  Endorsements can be from pastor, ministry leader
  or small group leader.

* To Submit Photo ID. 

* To come as students, whether they are in  present
  ministry or leadership position: we are always
  learning the ways of Christ;

* Must be 22 years of age or older;

* Agree with Doctrinal statement

Applications and Recommendation Forms
* (all forms are emailed to address on contact page)

Application Form

Registration Form

Personal Recommendation Form

Leadership Form